Goodman skis are the long, black skis that revolutionized the jumping world in 1995. The performance record speaks for itself. Lets face it, all skiers are not the same...men, women, and kids, need skis to match their needs for optimum performance.   These skis are custom built one pair at a time by a jumper for jumpers. They are the lightest and fastest in the industry.  

Features Common to 2011 Models

Jaret Llewellyn
Thin, high durometer urethane edges for speed and durability.
Machine screw binding inserts and screws for easy mounting and travel packing.
Adjustable aluminum fins...standard on Llewellyn Pro and optional on all. 
High gloss surface for ultimate in speed and glide. 

Custom core thickness adjusted for style and body size.
Custom lay up to adjust flex.
Custom shapes and rockers.

Llewellyn Pro

Jaret Llewellyn
The Llewellyn Pro is the result of constant research and development.  The summer of 2011 has brought the most significant changes in performance for the jump event since the introduction of long jumpers. The all-new combination of materials and shape has produced a ski that is the lightest in the industry (1.5-2.5lbs lighter per ski), smoothest through the wake, fastest into the ramp, and the most stable in the air.  Bottom line is, you land farther away from the ramp.  If you’re looking to have a serious poke and go huge, then look no further.  Nothing comes close!  New Design available Aug 2011!

Stiffy Longboards

Krista Rogers
Fast, easy to turn, predictable, oh so smooth through the wake, combined with a balanced tip pressure.

This season, like the Llewellyn Pro, new materials have dropped the weight for these skis for better handling.  Designed with a more forgiving binding location and side cut, these skis are the choice for skiers learning to take a poke, and those that still want too.  As with the Llewellyn Pro, each pair is custom built for the skier.  Adjustable aluminum fins optional.  

Kids Stiffy's

Kids come in a wide variety of abilities, from beginning ploppers to the ones taking a cut that make mom close her eyes.  But they’re all small and constantly growing.  I pay special attention to keep up with these little flyers with jumpers that are safe and easy to ski on so they can improve with confidence.  This way you can focus on keeping them in jeans that fit.  Like their big brother, the Stiffy Longboards, but scaled down in length, flex, weight, and width. These babies weigh in at least 2lbs less per ski than others on the dock.  This means less swing weight and easier handling.  They’re just awesome!  Time to dump the 30-year-old technology 72” tanks and get into real performance and safety.


Hey you ever skied before?”  “No.”  “Great...we need another jumper for our team!”  

Let's face it...you’re crazy people!  But I love it!  So I make some skis for crazy college skiers.  Built a bit tougher cause you guys and gals tend to...well...often not land so gracefully.  Designed with my most forgiving sidecut shape, flex, and balanced binding location to enhance you chance of getting up for the first time...landing a jump...and putting a score up on the board for your team.  Best results 80-82” for girls and 86-88” for guys.  Picture is Craig...retired collegiate jumper...inspiration for this model.  


Jaret Llewellyn
Looking for a high-end tricker built for flips and spins?  The Llewellyn Pro is the stick.  Made from the same materials as the jumpers, this ski is made tough to withstand the pounding of going upside down.  This trick is quick, fast, and has amazing "pop" off the wake.  
Features a honeycomb core, closed-out hard edges and a full hour-glass shaped tunnel for extra tracking. Custom shapes, widths and rockers are available.